Educational Programs at Coronation

At Coronation we strive to cultivate the talents and skills of all of our students. Teaching is adapted to meet students' individual needs, fostering a successful learning experience and inspiring lifelong learning.

French Immersion Program

In Kindergarten and Cycle 1, students are immersed in the French language throughout the day. English instruction is introduced in Cycles 2 and 3 and approximately, 50% of the day is taught in English.

100% French instruction
Cycle 1
Grade 1 & 2 - 100% French instruction
Cycle 2 & 3
Grade 3, 4, 5, 6 - 50 % French / 50 % English

English Core Program

The students in Cycle 1 follow an English program, where French as a Second Language instruction is integrated in the curriculum. In Cycles 2 and 3, students continue to receive french second language instruction.

to grade 6
90 minutes of French instruction per day

Programs offered at Coronation Elementary School

BASE Daycare Service Icon
BASE Daycare Service
The Before & After-School Enriched Daycare Program is a bridge between the classroom and...
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Elementary Education Program Icon
Elementary Education Program
General information on the Elementary Education Program
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English Core Icon
English Core
The English Core Program offers 68% of English instruction and 32% of French instruction...
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French Immersion Icon
French Immersion
The French immersion program, offers 68% of French language instruction. English...
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Preschool (Kindergarten) Education Icon
Preschool Education (Kindergarten for 4-year-olds and 5-year-olds)
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Programme d’enseignement des langues d’origine (PELO)
PELO provides an opportunity for our students to learn a heritage language.
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Robotics Icon
The robotics program introduces students to basic programming and hands-on building...
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Science Technology Engineering Arts Math (STEAM) Icon
Science Technology Engineering Arts Math (STEAM)
STEAM represents a multi-disciplinary initiative that promotes creativity and high levels...
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Supporting All Individual Learners (SAIL) Icon
Supporting All Individual Learners (SAIL)
SAIL resource provides a unique learning environment that supports high school students...
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