MEES Programs / General Education

Preschool (Kdg) Education

Preschool (Kindergarten) education has a threefold mandate: to serve as a rite of passage that gives children a liking for school; to foster children’s overall development by motivating them to exploit their full potential; and to lay the social and cognitive groundwork that will prepare children for their future schooling and enable them to continue to learn throughout their lives.

The Preschool Education program fosters children’s overall development by developing six closely linked competencies

  • To develop motor skills through active play and daily physical exercise.
  • To affirm his or her personality and emotional development by building self-esteem.
  • To interact harmoniously with others and learn to resolve conflicts.
  • To communicate using the resources of oral and written language.
  • To construct his or her understanding of the world through observation, experimentation and interaction.
  • To develop work methods by participating in individual, team or class projects.

Only the schools in the list below have both the Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten classrooms.