Proposals for research projects.

The English Montreal School Board (EMSB) recognizes the importance of conducting educational research in school settings and is supportive of researchers who wish to conduct research in our schools.   

The EMSB has established a Research Committee to screen studies to be carried out in schools within its jurisdiction and to expedite the completion of those studies that are accepted. The Research Committee supports and encourages research that contributes to the goals and educational knowledge of the EMSB but recognizes that our first priority is to the education of our students.

In order to ensure that each study is in accordance with EMSB guidelines, an Application to Conduct Research in Schools must be completed and signed.  All relevant documents must be received and reviewed by the Research Committee and are approved based on high ethical standards, sound research methodology, demonstrable educational value, and should cause minimum disruption to the schools.

Related Fees

Please note that there is an administrative fee for the processing of the research proposals as follows:

  • $500  for Professional Researchers of which $100 is non-refundable if the project is not approved.
  • $100  for Ph.D. students non-refundable in this entirety.
  • $50 for Masters students non-refundable in its entirety.
  • *There is no charge to EMSB employees.

All research projects which involve EMSB students and/or staff, must be approved by:

  1. the Research Committee.
  2. the Education Policy Committee (when teachers are involved).

The approval procedure within the Board requires a period of approximately one to two months.

Researchers should note that: 

  1. no school may be approached before receiving written approval.
  2. final approval for research in any school rests with the Principal.

Application to Conduct Research in an EMSB schools

Guidelines for Conducting Research at EMSB