Special Programs and Extra-Curricular Activities

Coronation has many special programs and extra-curricular activities offered to its students.

Many school-wide projects showcase the talents of our students in our community. There is a junior and senior Steelpan Band for students in Cycle II and Cycle III. Concerts are offered to parents each year where songs, dances and plays are performed.

Academic and Cultural

Pelo Classes

Four times a week, during the lunch period, Tamil classes are provided, where students have the opportunity to study their mother tongue language. They learn to appreciate the customs and achievements of people in their community, while learning to read and write in their mother tongue.


Every Saturday, Coronation offers robotics workshops to the students of the school. Students quickly and easily learn how to write and download programs to their LEGO creations and Mindstorms NXT using computers.  Children explore the world of robotics through hands-on activities based on constructing, programming, and manipulating robots.


Chess is offered as an extra-curricular activity in the middle of the year during lunch hour. The teaching program which the Chess'n Math Association has developed is 8 lessons per level. At the end of each session, students receive a certificate of the level they completed.

Sports and Physical Activity

After-School Multi-Sports Activities

In collaboration with LOISIRS SPORTIF CÔTE-DES-NEIGES, we offer various after school activities for different age groups. They include soccer, basketball, dodgeball, handball, flag tag. These activities are fun and offer a great outlet and physical benefit for the students.

Free Swimming Lessons

In collaboration with the Côte-des-Neiges Sports Complex next door to Coronation, during the school year and as part of the Gym curriculum, students receive free swimming lessons given by qualified instructors.

Art, Music and Drama

Music Program

Coronation has a vibrant music program intended to help students develop an understanding and appreciation of vocal and instrumental music. Combined with theoretical and practical skills, these elements are geared to provide our students with a lifelong source of musical enjoyment. Coronation offers a balanced program that involves both listening and music making that appeals to many. The students are challenged to think about music globally and explore repertoire from a variety of genres, cultures, and eras.

Steel Pan Band

As an extra-curricular activity, Coronation offers a series of curriculum based bi-weekly music lessons for juniors and seniors in steelpan. Students learn about notes and play various songs as a group.

Learning to play steel pan music can be hugely beneficial for all abilities who can work together to discover and explore the unique magic and range of steel percussion.