A Message from the Principal

Dear Coronation Community,

It is an honor and a privilege to be the Principal of this wonderful school. I am looking forward to a successful and enriching school year 2013-2014.

Coronation is an English Core and French Immersion school. Our emphasis is on literacy and numeracy throughout our English and French Programs. We would like to ensure that our students become bilingual individuals who will contribute to our unique society. In order to achieve this successfully, we encourage parents to play an active role in their child’s education. I am looking forward to a collaborative effort to ensure the best possible success for all our students.

We focus on creating a safe, caring and nurturing environment. We work together to foster self esteem so students’ learning is both positive and fulfilling. Through our curricular and extra-curricular activities, the staff and parents of Coronation help cultivate students’ talents and abilities and celebrate their achievements. We motivate all our students to attain their own personal successes.

Our goals for this year are to continue to integrate technology in the classroom, further develop literacy and numeracy competencies and to continue to help students become proficient in both English and French.

In response to the Ministry’s Anti-Bullying Law, Coronation is implementing a new C.A.R.E Assembly (Care, Awareness, Respect, Everyone /Everything is valuable) alongside our Star Assembly which focuses on Academics. In addition, we introduced The 1000 Deeds program which recognizes students’ good deeds while reinforcing positive behavior. Throughout the year, students will celebrate their academic and character successes. There will be an emphasis on how their behavior can have an impact on the community.

Coronation has many exciting programs and activities that make it a great and caring environment for students. We are centrally located, next to a Sports Complex that offers free swimming to all our students. We are also proud to offer: A caring and dedicated staff, Robotics, Terry Fox Walk, Swimming, Karate, Basketball, Steel Pan Band, Music, Librarian, Resource, Homework and Tutoring Programs, Full Cafeteria and Snack Program, Day Care Services, Guided Literacy Project, iPads, Computers and Smart Boards in each classroom, Heritage Language Lessons, Life Skills Program (Cycle III) , Book Fairs, Activity Days, Educational Field Trips, Transition to High School Activity, Author visits, storytellers and artists, Summer School, Halo Race and many more programs and activities.

J. Genovezos
Principal, Coronation School
We Care, We Dare, We Share